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Author InspiredAndNatural
Form of Literature Poetry
Published On December 2, 2013

Hello! This is my first posted poem, meaning I have others (particularly only one) that I haven't posted. I actually don't intend on posting that one. Anyways, I looked at one of my abandoned poems (as I have tried to write poetry) and since I was adding motivational quotes on the main page today (December 2, 2013), I decided to edit the poem. The third line implies that not everyone may like the same genre as you do; I'm not too fond of dark fantasies, for example.

So here is it is below!

My Motivational Poem for Writing Fiction

Loved by many may your works become
The passion you put into it may make you winsome
Find those who like what you like, and no
They don't have to be those whom you personally know