During the 1990 in Detroit, there lived a boy who named Gorge McDingy and he was the foolest and the laziest student in the whole US. On day his teacher, Mrs.Hoggs, shouted and made a real brawl on Goerge due to his horrible F mark. "YOU WILL NEVER EVAH GOTTA FIND AN APPROPRIATE JOB IN YOUR FUTURE AND YOU'LL BE FORCED TO CLEAN THE TOILETS OF TEXAS' HOSPITALS FOR ACQUIRING MONEY" she screamed on him, but Goerge didn't listened to her and he didn't disappointed so he kept on trying and studying.

30 years later in a hospital in Texas city, Mrs.Hoggs got awaken from a heavy coma and she stared at the specialist doctor whom had saved her from grave danger, then she started pointing at the doctor. It seemed like that she was trying to thanks him but she wasn't able to talk due to the influences of anaesthelic drugs. As she was pointing toward doctor her face turned rosen-red, as rosen-red as Rihanna's shoes. After some more pointing her face turned dark-purple, as dark-purple as Megara's eyes and finally she died with a pointing finger toward the doctor's side. The doctor amazed and he wondered that why it would happen to her, so he turned around and he found out that she was actually pointing at George McDingy, the hospital's toilet cleaner, whom had pulled the plug of Mrs.Hoggs' breathing apparatus out of the wall's electrical outlet and put the charger of his phone instead with a very gentle smile.

WHAT?? dear reader, I hope you weren't guessing that George could be the doctor!